When Dave was 9 years old, his father helped him build a 1-watt FM transmitter from a Heathkit project.  Dave and his friends promptly hooked up a two turntables and microphone and started their own neighborhood radio station.  His Father, immediately noticing Dave’s propensity for babbling into microphones, also bought him a number of audio cassette players, which he promptly wore out.

Ever since then, he’s been hooked.

In 1985, Dave graduated from Ohio University with a B.S. in Telecommunications Management.  He then began the process that most radio jocks at the time went through, which was to move often!  After a month at his first full time radio job, he wrote his first radio spot, with sound effects.

He was hooked again.

After 24 years in the profession, Dave is now the Production Director of an 8-station cluster of radio stations in Northeast Ohio, and the proud owner of QuinnImaging.

He has a wife and teenage daughter, who, with Saint-like patience,  put up with his pontificating and long-winded sentences.

They find it difficult to get him to be quiet.

Outside of his profession, Dave is a World War Two history buff.  His Father was a B-29 pilot during the Pacific Campaign in World War II.  Growing up with an ex-pilot for a Father also led him to an intense interest in RC planes, although his workshop consists of a small corner of the laundry room.